Tested tap water

Water tested 6.5 last night. This morning i tested it was 7.83.I though I might calibrated the meter wrong but I put it the Cal fluid it was dead on.Do I need to correct ph with the tap water

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Hey thumper remind me soil or hydro?

Or is this right from your tap?

City or well?

If well do you have a softener or filtration system?

FFOF and Happy Frog 50/50.I did a run off 5.8?

Tap city water

If just watering you will need to adjust pH. If feeding add the nutrients then adjust the pH.


Pretty crazy your ph is that low coming out with ph that high from tap

Got me confused

They chlorinate city water don’t they?

You could probably do a quick google search of your city to see what’s in their cleaning process.

May be a good idea to use distilled or get a water treatment system for your plants

Far as I know they do

Man I hate going to work with this on my mind

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If it works it works be careful and as bubblehead said ph before adding to plants

The soil being low in ph has an issue with something holding that level. If you see and issue in the plant flush the planter with enough water to adjust the ph in the soil, usually 3x amount of gallon size of planter in liquid

21 gal There 7 pal pots

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After that you’ll need to let them dry out and then feed on next watering

Thoughts from my humble experience:
Although chlorine will dissipate you shouldn’t see large pH fluctuations. Make sure you are using a good, quality pH meter. Some of the cHeaper pH meters out there will cause all kinds of problems if you don’t have good information. Lots of good advise for good meters on these forums.

You can call your city or water agency and ask for there normal pH range to compare to what you’re meter is reporting.

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Using Apera 60

That’s a good one.

My tap water runs around 8.0 so I use pH Down to adjust when needed but I keep several gallons of water in open buckets to let the chlorine dissipate for a few days before using. Seems to help. I typically don’t need to adjust pH when feeding.

Good luck and happy growing

I was happy with the grow at a loss right now I’ll get back to it when I get off work.Thanks for info

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It’s normal to see an increase in pH when you’re aerating your water due to decarbonation @Thumper1 . But you didn’t mention mechanical aeration.

Letting water stand is technically a form of aeration; fluctuations in pH don’t usually happen that rapidly without mechanical aeration, in my limited experience.