"Test" plant issues - new grower - leaves being eaten or/and nut def?

Hey there folks,

New grower starting a “test” plant which seems to be going ok except “holes, etc” started appearing on leaves. Please see attached pictures. I have looked for bugs and did see one little guy with 2 “tentacles” off his “head”.

I have been placing it some outside during the day as has been very hot, humid and sunny here. I also have it under some grow lights inside (roughly 18/6). It is a auto flowering plant that I received as an extra when ordering some seeds.

My first plan is to try “natural” insecticide with Dr Bronners soap and see what that does. Waiting for shipment.

Any feedback would be great. Possible nutrient deficiency as well?

August 22, 2018

Yup that DEFINITELY looks like critters are buffeting the baby girl. Look into food grade DE powder to sprinkle along the dirt. And the dr bronners sounds good. Just dont spray them in flower. But soap? Maybe fine then. ALWAYS check under the bottoms of the leaves and in the ‘L’ branches make coming from the main stem. And good luck with the girls

I don’t see nute issues. TBH, you shouldn’t feed them this young.

Moving plants indoors and outdoors is a good idea because of the bug issues
Food grade de is wonderful and works on anything with a exoskeleton
I would inspect the pots and underside of the leaves really well also
And choose where younwant them indoors or out
I personally never bring any outdoor plant indoors so i don’t introduce bugs to my grow room
Neem oil also works well but dont use it on flowering plants
And a good wash at harvest is always a good idea if using any type bug deterrent
Happy growing :v: CB