Terracotta stones question about sprouts

Will placing one of those terracotta stones into a humidity dome of a sprout on soil do wonders for the little thing? Or is it too much?

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Probably not critical. I wonder that as it exudes moisture it won’t just reabsorb.

What do you mean? It should just emit humidity after you soak it for five minutes in water. And at a high rate too. Which is why I was interested in them.

Eventually it will exude enough moisture from the pores that the pores are open and reabsorb the moisture it exudes. Not saying it won’t be helpful in the immediate to keep the plant moist.

So you think a humidity dome is more than plenty?

The best way to grow great cannabis is to focus on the basics and getting them right. Proper lighting, a good buffered soil, proper watering, management of pH and PPM,…


Yep. Just a clear solo cup with a light misting of water inside it is all I’ve ever had to use. For what it’s worth, I’ve encountered molded seedlings with just that method, so I think it’s definitely humid enough.