Terpines of my autoflowers

Why do all of my autos smell the same? I have Cheese, Skunk, Lemon, Green Crack, and they all smell the same. Nothing like their sellers suggest. Anybody?


How old are they? Mid to late flowering is typically when the smell starts :love_you_gesture:

I’m talking about all the autos I have grown. Fully finished and cured. My new ones are right at 8 weeks.

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What was your drying conditions? Slow at 65-68 degrees and 50-60RH is optimum, temps over 70 and low RH can give them the hay smell. How did you cure and how long? Optimum is 58-62 RH and less that 70 degrees. I’ve had harvest have the hay smell and through a proper and 45-60 day cure was able to raise the terpine levels :love_you_gesture:

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65 degrees and 55

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What’s your nutrient schedule , sulfur is the biggest terp nutrient so you may need to add Epsom salt( and molasses for balance)


Are you sure your nose isn’t broken? I was in an accident and lost about 80% of my ability to smell n taste

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Terpenes can be negatively effected when a plant is left to ripen to long.

A fast dry or an over dry will also remove alot of terpenes.

Short cures don’t allow for terps to age and ripen.

Genetics play a huge role.

The most common is incorrect drying process (a real art within growing to be honest and hard without a sealed climate control room, may take many grows to find what works for you)

Did they have terps when they were growing? If not then it’s environment or genetics.
If they did then it’s a harvesting, drying, curing issue.

I’ll say I have multiple jars but there are only a few that really blow me away and make my senses tingle. Others are just there… Weed, cheesey a bit, or skunky a bit, nothing crazy…

I struggle with the dry in my limited space and very dry environment.
However I’m focusing on flash frozen cencentrates now. That stuff is strong!