Terpinator! To use, or not to use

I’m curious about using General Hydroponics Terpinator supplement. I’m 90% sure I’ll give it a try, but was wondering about yalls experiences with it. I’ve seen some reviews that say it’s not necessary to use at full strength, perhaps 25-50%. What do yall think?

The second sentence for the product on the GH website is a red flag. It states that the product contains terpenoids, which is a term that is interchangeable with terpines. Feeding a cannabis plant with terpines would be very expensive and yield no actual results. It makes no sense at all. It’s like saying that if you feed your plant hash, that you will get a better product. I call BS.

Feed your plant with proper levels of NPK and micronutrients and your plant will produce to its maximum potential without the need for additional products, most of which are just extra NPK anyways.

Silica and microbe products are legitimate supplements. Most of the rest are snake oil imho.


Hmmm. Very interesting. I had not seen that.