Terp evaporation?

I read that prolonged exposure under direct sunlight for too long could cause your terpenes to evaporate?? I was hoping this isn’t the case but wanted separate opinions. It usually only gets to about a high of 78° where I’m at right now so I’m sure she’s fine but I’m always paranoid when I hear these kinds of things haha.

This is the case for harvested bud. Sounds like yours is still growing?

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@Bobbydigital Yeah she’s still in flower. So no worries then? This is my first outdoor unregulated grow

You should be good to go.

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Outside in the sun with good soil is gonna give you lots of aroma. You just have to bring it out in the cure. I would suggest you perform a bud wash at harvest to remove environmental crap and any white powdery mildew present (highly likely). Plus any insects or insect parts.


@Myfriendis410 Thanks for the tip!

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Just tried this for the first time with 2 stunted dwarfs. Flushed/Ice bath/dark period/wash vs. Harvest, wet trim, dry rack… I have a hard time keeping my hands out of the cookie jar so it probably could have gotten stronger had I left it alone for a month or two. But I will definitely be washing from now on. The smell does disappear(or it did to me) at first, compared to the other. But it does start to come back as the cure goes along. The smoothness and taste are so much better. I’ll take the taste and smoothness over the bag appeal smell.