Tents? Something gotta give

Need all the advice I can get here please?
My first grow was in an out building and the only heat I have now that it’s turning cold, is already running alot. Room is empty I just chopped and dried and have seedlings inside getting ready.
I am not at winter temps outside yet an am not sure my heater will cut it when it is winter.
Humidity is already down to 30.
Inside the house with the seedlings I am running a humidifier to keep humidity around 60. I feel I have to come inside with a tent.
Looking at a 48-48-80 for about $90…?
I’ll have 6-7 3 gal pots. I have one filter an 2 -4" inline fans. Are tents adaptable to diff diameter fans and duct?
This one is a vivisun?
Of course my old lady is not enthused…how are odors? Do you have to run in and out fans all the time? As one of my fans has no speed control.
I have 2 1000w led(100w draw) and one 1500(150).
And would you humidify the room the tent is in?
As I can’t see running a humidifier in the tent?
Ant tips or opinions please???

A RH of 60 is fine for veg. You’re going to want it lower for flowering.

You’re not going to be able to flower that many plants in a 4x4 unless you keep them very small.

Yes. Most tents have a standardized vent size which can accommodate 4 to 8" fans.

You will struggle to flower more than 3 plants with these lights.


If they are autos, will I have the room?

Some autos will remain smaller. I wouldn’t plan a grow with that many plants in a 4x4. It’s a gamble that is not in your favor.

Your lighting is a bigger concern re the quantity of plants.


So,odds better stuffing these in a small tent Vs a larger tent with same lights?
I can’t spend on both. Looks like the tent is a must.

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The seedlings are already up…lol

Be clear that if you are planning on that many plants with the lighting you have, then you may be disappointed with your harvest. Lighting is the most important factor for productive growth.

A bigger tent isn’t going to help your lighting problem.


Sea of Green may be something to consider. Use the back half of the 4x4 and pack them in there. You will need to prune off lower branches and secondary growth because you want to maximize the growth of a few colas per plant.
This is from autoseeds /autoflower-seeds-sog


One good thing about SOG, is it’s not hard for any grower to implement. Follow the steps and tips below, and you’ll be on your way to a Sea of Green in no time.

  1. The recommended spacing for SOG is 1 plant per square foot. Or, no more than 2 plants per square foot max depending on the strain and individual size. Because autoflowering varieties have no separate veg or bloom periods, you can begin SOG spacing from the start of growth.
  2. Make sure to keep everything equal per plant, during growth. That means equal light exposure, watering and nutrients.
  3. Drip irrigation systems are ideal, since it can be difficult to maneuver around tight spaces.
  4. Without causing too much stress to your autoflowering plants, defoliate and remove lower branches or buds to maximize energy to the main cola and tops of the plant.
  5. Keep a close eye on your plants as they grow, considering molds can spread faster than normal with the close proximity of the plants.

I just finished a SOG with six plants in 2x2 space. The method is a blast.


Happy Cannaversary Sir.

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I like to allow a 2 x 2 space for each plant. I have grown more than 4 plants in a 4 x 4 space but I promised myself I’d never do that again. Nail down a budget for lights lot of Experienced indoor growers here will help you choose a Quality light to fit your budget an space. Good luck


Happy Anniversary!! :tada::champagne::confetti_ball:

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