I have a tent 1.70m x 170m x 2m 400wat HPS lamp in my grow room or do have to have 600 wat HPS wick 1 I lik to know

thax amy


If you are going to build a very good exhaust system, then you could use a 600 watt lamp, but the temperatures will have to be dealt with. A 400 watt lamp should do you fine in a tent, because you have great reflection all over.


About 5.5 feet square and more that 6 feet high, a 400 watt will do, and a 600 watt would be better for that size space. Either way you may have to deal with some heat and will need to be sure the tent is able to stay under manageable temps.


thans you all for your help
my 400 watt lamp ok temperatures at 25c exhaust system, is 600 watt. I wos thik of update to 600 watt lamp


Just to let you know. I have a 4’x4’ tent, and the 1st grow I used a 1000 super hps lamp. 153,000 lumens.

I use a 6" vortex fan to clear the room. An *" ventilation booster fan forn exhaust of the tent. Allowing passive intake from the open lower ducts on the tent. So basically. It is a matter of having AC to keep temps low enough to draw in fresh cool air.