Tent temperatures

Just curious what is recommended to cool a 4x4 tent my temps reaching 74 during day and summers coming so i need to get in front of issue before it getts to hot in there any advice?

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I have found I need a 8 inch exhaust fan for my 4x4 tent…I do not run an input fan and my grow room is a bedroom in the house


Ac infinity inline fans are top of the line. Have an intake at bottom and an exhaust out the top


AC and dehumidifier in the lung room.


T8 at the top for exhausting and T6 at the bottom for intake.
T8/T6 CFM from AC-I. Cloudline controller 67 will run both fans on same parameters.
Cloudline 69P will run 4 independent parameter monitored devices.
T8 CFM chart

in addition to air movement, AIR MOVEMENT RESTRICTIONS exist.
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Youll need to control your lung room temp and rh to have any type of control beyond the ambient.


I have 6in Cloudline T6 intake and 4in vivosun exhuast, so my first problem was there both at the top of tent i have since moved intake to ground level and reverse so 6in is the exhaust. Thanks for help

I would expect an improvement in temp control and still maintain negative tent pressure.
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New setup

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