Tent space vs plant height

Hello everyone wanted to start off telling everyone thank you for everyone’s advice thus far!!! So I’m coming up into my 12 day of flower buds are all beginning to form no dought a female and this is amazing to watch I have about a foot left in room from my light is there something I can give my plant to stop the growth upwards but not stunt the bud growth NEED ADVICE ASAP when I get home from work I’ll snap pics even in my lower canopy all sites are budding beautiful little FLOWERS!!! If anyone can help with my never thought about issue would be amazing my very first grow EVER and now I’m asking how to slow down plant height problems the joys of LIFE!!! THANKS IN ADVANCE ALL YOU GREEN THUMBS.OR WOULD IT BE SAFE TO MOVE MY CARBON FILTER AND T4 AC INFINITY FAN TO THE OJT SIDE OF THIS TENT!

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No. You can’t stop growth without stunting. You have another couple weeks of stretch. Electronics should be at the top of the tent or outside…

All you can do now is super crop, and hope that’s enough. or find a new place to put them!

Good luck!

Used to have a 2x4x5 tent, had same problem with height. Read about scroging and LST and yes I had to put fan and filter outside the tent as well. Gotta do what ya gotta do. Lastly save up for taller tent! Makes growing a lot easier.

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You could probably bend it over. I’ve done that a few times if it stretched more than I anticipated.

Post up a pic that shows inside of your tent top to bottom. Sometimes a few tweaks here and there can get you a little more headroom.