Tent size to plant ratio

I am not sure what size tent I should purchase to veg 4 photoperiod plants for around 2 months?

I will also need a new light.

I just finished my second grow and I’m done with the blurple lights, the buds stay small and airy.

Maybe I can use the blurples to veg and just get a new light to flower?

Any suggestions?

Then what happens? Do you have different flower tent? I veg and flower in the same 3x3 tent. I easily grow 4 photoperiods in 5 gallon bags. I obviously can’t let them grow wild. Depending on the strain and how they grow I veg for 60 - 70+ days. If I did things differently I could grow one or two plants in it.
For me a 3x3 is easy to manage. And, you don’t need nearly the amount of light as a 4x4.
lights? In the 3x3 I have a Kind XL 600 (nice light but you can get a whole lot more for a whole lot less $$) which I supplement with four photo boost strips from Pacific Light Company. In another space I have a Sonofarm SF4000. I just fired it up a couple weeks ago and like it very much except the dimmer’s calibration is wack and inaccurate (I use my kill-a-watt meter). Today I received a HLG 260 rspec kit that I am putting together now. The sonofarm and HLG are each over a single plant.
The answer to the question is your choice what and how you want to grow your plants.


Here’s one plant in a 2x4x5 tent


Yeah it all depends on your style , this plants can get really big or small depend what you do with them

My goal is to setup a perpetual harvest. I have a large flowering space (a 8x8 shed). 2 Blurple lights, but they pull 956 watts from the wall. The space is open, so I’m sure I am losing a lot of light. I usually only have 4-6 plants flowering at a time. I would use the shed to veg, but I have a freezer and a air compressor in the way :woman_shrugging:t2:

The tent I would like to just veg and make clones. I like to let the plants get big. Right now my 2 sour diesel in veg are over 2 feet tall. I top them after the 6th node, they get nice and bushy.

I would like a light with a dimmer. The blurples and the ratchet straps are annoying considering I’m a short lady lol. My light budget is $600 and I’d be ok spending $150 for the tent.