Tent Size suggestions


Hello all, I recently moved and I have a smaller space to grow in, a 2x4x5 or 6ft tent is what I’m considering, my question is, what’s the largest size smart pots that you guys would put in that space for 1- 3 plants? I will also be flowering in that same space. Thanks for any help!


Hi @MikeyCush, Welcome to the best fourm around.
If you’re growing Auto’s 3gal is the largest and photos (non auto) 5gal .would be the largest. You could possibly grow 3 Auto’s at once but probably only two photos for that size tent.


Get as tall of a tent as possible. A 5 foot high tent will limit the height you can grow. That extra foot makes a huge difference.

So tell us about the turnaround times. With a small tent if you need a mix of meds you could do autos and turn the tent around every 3 months.

@MikeyCush welcome back!


No immediate turn around times are necessary just wanting to experiment and perfect the craft. And thank you @bob31 glad to be back and I’ll defi go for the 6ft height!


There you go! You will be glad you did! @MikeyCush The reason I asked is because if you grow one auto you would have an auto ready for harvest in 90 days. If you add a new auto every month you will harvest a plant a month that way you don’t have three plants competing for all the room and you can have three plants in three stages of development and run the whole thing on any light schedule that you like! You would have a steady stream of bud coming in and a manageable grow with a perpetual harvest!

hahaha Thats how I do it more or less and it has worked out pretty good for me and my 3x3 tent!

the keys are good light, good soil good water, good nutes and good seeds!


I think it depends on what style of growing you want to do, and how ambitious you are. But I 100% agree that you will want to try and find something with as much height as possible. If you have room to go up, you can essentially be successful with any method you want. If you’re limited to something like 4’ tall or less, it really puts a damper on what you can do.

You figure a pot will take up about a foot, and probably 6-12” for your light and hanging mechanisms. Depending on how much intensity your light has, you’ll need probably 12” minimum in distance between your light and tops. That leaves you with about an 18” max plant size. It can be done, but as someone who grows that way, I’ll tell you it’s not for everyone lol.

As far as how many plants you can grow in a 2’x4’, you’re only limited to a couple of plants if you decide to grow large plants. I agree three 5 gallon pots would probably be max there. If you go down to a 3 gallon, probably 6-8. If you get down to a 1 gallon pot, I bet you could squeeze 30 or so in there. Obviously, the smaller your pot gets you’ll need shorten veg times and probably work some transplant trickery. The more pots/plants you add, the less room per plant and they will have to be smaller.

I started growing 4 plants in 3x3 under 400 hps. Then got another identical setup and went to 9 plants under led. Switched both spaces to 9 plants under led with 2x2 veg tent on perpetual. Then I moved and lost my room, was left with the 2x2x4. Tried 4 plants the first time and ran out of height. On my last grow in it, I started 16 plants and ended up flowering 12 plants in square 1 gallon. Since I had to flip them at about 9 inches tall, I crammed it full so I could still pull a decent yeild. My only other option would be a single plant scrog. I’m not really a fan of the longer veg times, but perhaps I’ll try it next time around. Back to the point about height, that’s pretty much why. Other than that, you can pretty much grow as many or few as you’d like by controlling pot size and veg time.

Best of luck with the project moving forward!


I guess to breakdown my question even more, I want to try bigger pots maybe two 10 gallon smart pots, just want to use less and get more, do you guys think that tent size will work for what I want?


2 10 gallon smart pots I’m thinking with the increased veg time to fill those up you would need at least a 5x5 tent and a scrog @MikeyCush or some serious lst.


I decided to go your way with the 3x3x6, I remeasured the space that is available to me and without making any extreme make overs in the space I decided to go for a smaller tent. As always @bob31 you are the G.O.A.T your knowledge is priceless! I still have my 4x4x6.8 and I hope to utilize it again in the future but if not I’m going to try to sell it. Any interests anyone?


Unfortunately personal contact via members isn’t permitted, but i’m sure it would fly off eBay or CL. @MikeyCush

I did 3 plants handily in my 3x3, 2 autos and one gold leaf which i did as a scrog.

So now you really just need to figure how many plants you want to go with.

True wattage for LED for 9 sq feet is 270/450

And thanks for that GOAT tag, I like it lol! Sort of big shoes to fill tho!


I bought a 3x3x6 ft tent and i can fit 3 plants in 1 gallon pots. I also flower in it. Hopefully that gives some frame of reference