Tent size help plzzzzzz


I’m looking to get a new tent only plan to grow 2 -4 plants at a time and scrog 1 plant from time to time too will a 4x4x6.5 work or does it need to be bigger say 8x4x6.5 be better I’m using a 600watt mh/hps light may get another 1 if It to small for a 4x4 @raustin @Justgrowin @Johnzy81 @MattyBear


I think 4’×4’ would be too small for 4 plants.


Found my new addiction lol growing been so relaxing


3 plant comfortably in a 4x4 - 4 would work but could end up with room issues depending on how long you veg too you can 1 plant scrog and fill the 4x4 it will just be in veg for a few months


I had 5 plants in 16 sf, it was too crowded, but did ok I think. In one of the guide I thinks a lot about 3sf per plant?
This would also depend on your method, like scrog…there many here to help


Happy growing @Newb1
Good advice here follow it and you can’t go wrong


It really just depends on how big you want to grow each plant. If doing SOG style you could easily fit 5-6 or more plants in a 4x4. If doing scrog, you could do 1 plant or 2 plants. If just trying to fill it, 3-4 plants could work. You really need to ask yourself what kind of training you would like to do with your plants and move from there, it’s the easiest way