Tent shrunk or swollen

I changed my in-out ducting because temp and humidity these days. I dont wanna mess up last week or two of flowering. Instead of the tent shrunken in as it’s always been, it swelled out so I changed it to get it concave again. But really looking for input and I’ve searched forums topics and googled it.
Is a swollen tent only a problem because of smell leaks? in that case I dont care.


Are you sure your fan direction are pulling air out and nit just pushing it in?

yep before and after the changes, I use both

What you call shrunk is the sides of the tent being pulled in because of negative pressure in the tent. This simply means more air is withdrawn / sucked from the tent than is going in.
If you want to control odor negative pressure is used to draw air / exhaust through the carbon filter. Negative pressure is also used to bring fresh air into the tent. This provides a supply of C02 and usually lower humidity.
If you don’t care about odor, open the tent and move air with fans. Close it for light control


right and it’s in an attic by itself, it is even light safe because it’s on the same schedule as the sun. the attic air is very old and dusty, I’ll need either filtered air or outside air

I use a 6" terra bloom fan with a horti control filter for intake on my 3x3 tent

For the closet’s filtered intake I use a AC Infinity 6" fan and filter

They help reduce the amount of dust coming into the spaces

Nice gear. I’m gonna have to rig something up to grow all winter, outside air is keeping my days at 24 celcius but this morning it was 12.5C. Brrrrrr … filtered inside air will work

Yoy want it to be slightly puffed up with positive pressure inside

Everything I read said negative pressure but I’m still learning but it makes sense, air cycling giving fresh air, CO2, and helps with smell :person_shrugging:. I’ve done negative pressure on all my grows now because it doesn’t seem to have any negative that I could find.

As far as the question of “Is it an issue” the answer is no.
The air pressure change, positive or negative, is so slight as to be negligible.
There is more pressure change during outdoor weather changes or elevation changes than the fan will make in your tent.
Smells and such are different issues.

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