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Hi all,
I am a noob trying to setup his indoor grow tent and not to do some major mistake as it requires considerable investment. I would be super happy to grow 4 plants in a tent 1m x 1m x 2m. I did some research about lights and I decided to buy LED, but the differences in opinions about how many plants under which light is just confusing. So Ill try to put it simply. Will two of these panels (Amazon.com) be sufficient for 4 plants throughout the whole lifecycle in this growing space? Also, how powerful fan should I use to provide sufficient amount of fresh air for 4 plants?
Thank you:)

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Those lights are 200 true watts each (+/- 5%), so 400w total. You want 25w-50w true watts per sq. foot.

400w / 25W = 16 square feet
400w / 50w = 8 square feet

Yes, that is enough light. You have about 9-10 sq. feet.

4 plants could get tight. Be prepared to scrog or LST.

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When you say fan? Are you referring to intake exhaust or blowing on the plants? I have three fans. My exhaust fan is 90cfm but I have a really small grow area.

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Thank you, an answer I was hoping for.


@bob31 Thank you for warm welcome. I am really impressed how quick I got responses.

Yes, by fan I mean exhaustion outlet + providing enough CO2 for plants.

i got just the guy for you. Rubbing up the HVAC Genie in a bottle…

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@Countryboyjvd1971 we lived in Rochester about six blocks from lake Ontario and when you say cold it is a different cold than it is here now . Are you upstate ?

we need to figure out the cfm and try to guide him towards a proper venting system sir. Glad to see you could make it this morning @Countryboyjvd1971

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Yeah I’m in Hudson valley near Poughkeepsie if that helps you
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Ok last time I converted meters to feet I messed up lol
Give me a few min to do the calculations @bob31
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1 meter is about 39 inches if that helps

I figured 4 x 4 feet x 8 feet

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Ok so @bob31
I would go with something in the 400 cfm range with a speed controller
Maybe something like this speed.control allows you to dial it in

Sorry just a pic can’t post links still hahahaha hope this helps
And if you have passive vents it should draw enough air they your tent or you could install a intake fan as well @stronginthearm


i will do the tech, you do the havac, lol


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No brother that is a common sense thing Florida ( At least Clearwater where I grew up ) is really gone to hell in the last 12 years it is getting all cluttered and just dirty looking.Homeless and panhandling are a epidemic now and Meth or Crack houses all over the neighborhood I grew up in . The cops call the Condos my Grandmother lived in Spanish Harlem and go get coffee before they answer a call there . Yeah not the place to retire besides after being in the seasonal region of the country I will never live in a place that is hot 10 out of 12 months I love the mix