Tent set up for seedings in soil now

Hey everyone, I’ve got 3 ILGM SS Autos germinted and dropped in damp coco, in a 32x32x63 , trying to manage RH,temp, and light.
I can manage fine with just bestva 600 watt on veg at 28 inches, and cool mist vaporizer going on half power, RH stays at 76-80 and temp 77-79
I know this dries the soil out a little quicker so more misting, but don’t know if I should cover them up like a dome ,with the vaporizer going or not?
Love to hear opinions on this. Thanks everyone!

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Nah, with RH being that high, you don’t need a dome. You should be good to just let the plants do their thing I the open air, once you begin to see a few nodes, I like to turn a fan on slow setting to breeze over them (not much) and get them dancing, to begin building a strong base.


Thanks @Aolelon , yep everything seems to be holding fine, just gonna let them ride.