Tent problems in tent hope 15 now

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saw a video with growboss regarding ventilation in tents when he told us that it is unnecessary to have both an intake fan and extractor. He believes that exhaustion is enough. I do not want to put money on extra oxygen if I suck it out before it gives effect to the plant. how do i do to create 0 position in a 3x3 tent best so odor disappears but that my added oxygen stops and makes the effect so it does not drain in 30 seconds? Grateful for answers.

I’m sure way smarter and more experienced than I will chime in but from my understanding is just simply opening the door will bring in enough fresh CO2.

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Lots of people only use exhaust fan exhaust out the top pass through hole at the bottom open pulling fresh air in adjust variable speed on exhaust to create negative pressure in tent takes care of Odor Control. Good luck


But negativ so it looks like ballon.

I believe negative pressure is when tent is sucked in on side


Good extraction fan i reccomend 6in as a minimum even in 4x4
Passive intake vents down low ( no fan) pulls cooler air in
Odor basic carbon filter you want to pull through it not push only because that stupid white sock actually does extend the life when pulled through as a filter. Resins clog them quick.
I dont hook the carbon up until its bad though. I vent straight outside in veg
Things in yard such as mint help mask things

Moth balls are poison to animals but help too.

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Oh and adding o2 or co2 is a waste of money either way. Sealed box it helps but still not worth the aggrivation for the couple grams difference
and giving up that free airflow costs in ac and all.
If youre pressed for co2 buy some extreme gardening calcarb foliar. I use maybe 2-3times before flowers. Never spray in actual flower phase
i cant prove it actually puts co2 on leaf surface like they claim but the plants do like it.
Ive chased the co2 hype. Wasted a lot of money doing it. To find out natural moving air is every bit as good. Some warehouse scientist (with other peoples money to play with) will argue but overall from a reg old homegrower its not cost effective. And plenty dank without it too.

Ok thanks for yours idé.

You need to exchange the air for a few reasons. An intake fan isn’t necessary to do this. However, there are situations where an intake fan make sense.

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When you get your variable speed on your exhaust adjusted where you want it the sides of the tent will be sucked in and also you can put your hand down by your open hole and you can feel it pulling in fresh air at the same time exhaust Hot stale air out . Run Exhaust Fan 24/7 will create a perfect environment and also control odor.

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Agree on running fans 24/7 also. Sitting air in a box full of vegetation n moisture is no good.

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Negativ=not ballon sorry .:laughing::laughing:
I work whid it tonight so we see.


My tent is in my bathroom so you know. what should i buy for fan and filter as extractor and intake in a tent 80x80x160 cm? I have air that goes along the floor into the tent’s lower intake hole from my balcony. I have an extraction hole in the ceiling in the bathroom. when i feel with the hand at the floor i feel it is cold towards the intake hole in the bottom of the tent. Grateful for answers.

Forget the thing whid buy fan.
Whant you understand my space.