Tent management - when to switch plants from veg to flower tent and scrog?

I am trying to plan ahead… Any help would be appreciated:

I have two tents, veg and flower, with transplating, timing of switching tents, and scroging in mind when should I switch plants from one 4x4 tent with bspec lights to the flower tent with rspec lights?

When should I time my transplants, being the end pots are 7-gallon fabric, and switching tents?

And finally when should I start to scrog and prune? I am assuming it is done in the flower tent leaving lights at 18/6 until plant heals from the prune and LST… But any timing as to when to start the processes I need help with.

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Yes for the lights , Ilgm has a free grow guide that can help , in the different stages of pruning when and how and you flip once you reach half of the max height your aiming for …

Really up to you to decide when, based on flowering tent size etc. I SCROG when the plant has grown out after topping or FIM’ing and try to populate 85% of the cells before I flip. A SCROG is nice because it defines the footprint the plant ultimately occupies.

The plant needs to be pliant enough to manipulate. I usually Supercrop to develop a few side branches then start weaving them into the screen. One screen per plant! Bad idea to put multiple plants in one screen unless they’re clones and expect to harvest at the same time.


Sounds like you would be better off moving lights instead of plants. If you’re going to attempt filling a screen, it would be best to do that under b-spec. Then I don’t see it being very easy to move a plant already trained to screen out of 1 tent and into another.

If it’s important to run like you described, I would just ditch the screen and run smaller plants.


Yeah it’s all a matter of timing to keep a perpetual grow going.

When you are ready to flower them. I like to veg at least 6 weeks and then move the plants to the flowering tent, do some defoliation and thinning out of the plants, put up the screen and start flowering.

I transplant to the final pots a couple/few weeks before starting flowering to give them time to fill the new pot with roots and get comfortable.

@Hellraiser Thank you for the advice… I truly appreciate it.

I am thinking if building a single plant scrog frame I designed last night… Going to put it in SolidWorks today.