Tent is to big or the lights are too warm

I have a 4x8 grow tent and I use the MH/mph bulbs. I have one ballast thats a max of 1000 watts the other is 600 watts. there is enough light but gets the grow room to warm. I live in a residential area and during the flowering period I can smell the aroma outside on the front part of house. the plant is on the back part of the house and the grow area is sealed pretty tight.I have fans but the heat has no where to go and im just blowing warm air back into the tent. I grow for medical reasons only and I actually had better results with my home made grow tent/ tighter buds and more quantity. I normally get over a pound for 1 plant. 22 ounces is fairly common. Would it be worth it to buy some good quality LED’s or just buy a differant tent 4x4 or 5x5 and get the LED’s or just buy 2 LED’s


More tent(s) and more lighting QUALITY vs $ always
If heat is a problem, what are you doing to manage it?
AIR FILTER, fans, intake/exhaust
$$ and more $ will fix any problem (almost).
I need a new HOUSE.

@BobbyDigital has a solution for heat


Add a ac not a window unit but one you can vent a flex out or an ac windo unit can work if desired. @sillyman happy growing!! Check out what i run inside my tent. It stays 75 to 77 f depending on my speed to exhaust fan.


I thought about the AC but To keep the smell down i couldn’t use a window Ac the aroma would escape. not sure if I even have the power needed for the ac with everything else im running. Lights, fans, water chiller and all the other stuff. I’ll probably end up selling the 4x8 and get a 4x4 or a 5x5, I can keep it cool enough with a smaller tent because I don’t need the same amount of light. .

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That’s the problem with any of the HID lamps!! More of your money goes into making heat than light. They’re just not very efficient at power use.
My LEDs run so cool I can touch the heat sink after it’s been on for 12 hours and it’s warm to the touch, but certainly not hot!

Keep your tent and ditch the lights!
Although, if you’re pulling a pound and a half from a single plant why do you need a 4x8 space anyway? What is your use level?
If you’re getting smell and you’re in a non-legal state I’d be getting a bunch of carbon filters in there ASAP!
I live next door to a cop in a legal state and hope the wind blows his way in flower! :laughing:


Led would definitely help with heat issues but the start up cost for that size space is pretty big a for quality leds. For odor control you’d need two run a least a couple carbon filters for that size of space. Not sure reducing the tent size will help with the heat. You’d still be running 50w/sqft.


When I first started growing LED’s were not nearly as good as they are now, HID was really the only thing practical set up. With a 4x8 I should have at least 2 plants and if I used the LED’s I would probably get close to 3 lbs which is more than I can legally grow, 2 LBS max. So no I really don’t need a 4x8 I just got tired of the plant crawling up the sides. unfortunatly in this state if your neighbors can smell the aroma that alone makes it illegal and the cops can take the plant. I dont like the idea of a cop taking my plant and the going home and smoking it all. The use level is I make tintures, edibles, cream and a little smoke for nightime.

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Last fall I could smell my outdoor ladies 200 ft away at my mailbox! LOL!
Thank goodness we just have to keep ours out of sight because out of smell would be impossible with these loud ass strains they got out there now!
They must be monsters if you’re getting 2 plants in that huge space! LOL!

Best of Luck to you!!

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Yeah I know, I looked online at the prices and to use the LED’s It would cost over 1000 bucks. Reducing would help enough I think, because I grow in a spare room and I could run an addition fan which would cause the warm air out of the room and the AC for the house would help with the room temp in that room. With the 4x8 theres not enough space for the additional fan

I used an HID as a heat source one winter.
SD too cold.
I moved and after 35 years am now paroled.

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Actually I only grow 1 plant at a time. I don’t have a clue why they grow so well but they do an :grinning:d I’ll Take it.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I put 2 hlg 600r’s in my 4x8. I also have a 2x5 a 4x4 and a 6x8 in the same room. The temps hot high so i put in a window unit ac. For your tent with that amount of light maybe add a window unit or would adding co2 to your tent make the light and heat more acceptable to the plants?

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My 4x4 is on 2inch pink board.
Concrete below temp 55.
Hope this helps in summer heat.

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I think what I will do is reduce the 4x8 into a 4x4 this way I can put in a fan to blow the warm air out in the living areas which is fine, and I won’t need as much light. The plant will crawl up the sides but that’s something I’ll just have to deal with. If I Find the need for more quantity I’ll just figure it out.

Thanks everyone for your input Hopefully my idea will work out fine. These are pics of what I put in jars and what is still left to be put in jars

great these are the same side


This one may be hard to get in a pipe

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4/20 is coming up always plenty of sales on lights you should be able to get a pound out of a 4x4 space

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What am I missing?

@DEEPDIVERDAVE, There’s no such thing as a 2000w led grow light.

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