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Hey! Any tent recommendations? Was looking for a 2x4x6 was originally thinking gorilla tent but then I keep wondering if there is a better option? What is the different between the original gorilla tent and the lite edition? Would love some opinions/options? First time grower :call_me_hand:t3:

I’ve got 3 Gorillas and am pretty happy with them. I believe the lite line is just a different density of canvas.

Does it alter anything? @fixerpower trying to figure out if the lite is worth saving 200 bucks lol

I’ve never seen one of them in person.

PLEASE HELP…newbie here having big problems with RH%…

Tent: 4x4x6.5
Inline exhaust: 8" Vivosun 741 CFM with Carbon Filter
Inline intake: 4" vivosun 200 CFM with Carbon Filter
Light: AGLEX 2000 Watt LED with COB
1 Oscillating fan
2 X honeywell 90° fan

I am having massive issues with RH% being stuck at 38%…I believe the extractor fan is too powerful for the tent. When I put a humidifier inside the tent it literally did nothing? How can I fix my setup? Can I use both active and passive intake together at same time for better airflow? I ended up creating a C shape out of 8" ducting and fit them through 1 opening on roof and 1 opening on the upper side of tent…still have negative pressure…


(1) can you use both passive and active intake at the same time?
(2) should I upgrade active intake to 6" inline with carbon filter or should I match with 8" inline and simply use my speed controls to mitigate the airflow and close all passive intake holes?

I seriously need to get RH% up as I am about to plant my seedlings…

Thanks in advance!

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Try Anazon.com they should have what you need

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