Tent got crowded

Had to get another tent I got room now


Hahaha…that’s not even close to being crowded.

All 4 plants are approaching 6 feet tall. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Wow that’s amazing

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Yours will get there soon enough. I can’t wait to see how crowded it gets in that tent of yours. :+1:


@Thumper1 looking excellent !!!

Thank u.Hopefully they’ll help me going thru chemo

Damn! What size tent do you have a 10 x warehouse? :rofl:


Looking good . Nice and bushy. What strain? @Thumper1

@Thumper1 looks tidy. Good luck with the chemo :sunglasses:

White Widow auto -fem


Thank you

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I’ll post as they get bigger.What kind of giants are u growing

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5 blueberry just now, coming along nicely :sunglasses:

Very nice

does the blue berry really have blue/purple hairs like the pic og them on ILGM show? if so i will grow some of that just because they look cool

how many lights do you have in the big 10Xwarehouse

I have 2-300 and a 600 how many should I use in the tent

i am not the one to ask i was asking because i don’t know either, i am a beginner on my very first grow and i am trying to learn by reading everyone elses Q&A

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how much is an average yield on a 6 foot tall plant

Sorry for the late reply, I’ve been clearing up a flood in my tent :roll_eyes:. You can definitely see the blue colour through it when it’s growing and when it’s dry. To the best of my knowledge the blue is more noticeable when your temperature is on the low side. My temps were dipping at night to 50f. I only found out after I replaced my temp/humidity sensor. My leaves were going a purple reddish colour as well, that’s what made me investigate :thinking:

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