Tent blooming up

My tent been blooming up lately I have 2 /. 10 inch fans one out take one in take and I have a sms controller with thermostat my temps are spot on 27 but tent keeps blooming out and I have a brannew carbonair filter any ideas what to do should I turn my extra fan extraction out put up more image

You’ll have to throttle down the intake some or increase the exhaust. Sounds like the intake is bringing in more air than the exhaust is able to take out. A carbon filter on the exhaust side will definitely reduce your fans cfm’s.


I agree with watt sun increase the speed of the exhaust fan

Ye I am gonna going to there both on zero and both kick in when temps go up but think am gonna use the extra exhaust knob to suck tent in why is it better with negative pressure anyway I know for smell but is it good for plants negative pressure

Yes you want that constant air flow and the exchange of fresh air.