Tent Advice Please

Hi. Very new to this and have a question. If I need to grow 2 autos every 2 months, do I need to buy 2 3x3 tents or can I just buy 1 2.5x5 tent?

First off, welcome to the forum! Secondly, what do you mean by growing 2 autos every 2 months? Are you vegging and flowering at the same time?

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Thanks. There is so much info out there and I’m a little overwhelmed. I haven’t started yet. I’m wanting to grow 2-3 autos at a time so I need to know what size tent would be best for that. Would a 2.5x5 tent hold 2-3 autos each time I grow?

Maybe a better way to ask the question would be how many autos can I likely fit in a 2.5x5 tent for the duration of the complete growing process?

I usually plan about a 2x2 space for each plant. So that size tent should do what you’re looking for. 3 may be a little crowded but should work.

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Wish I could help, haven’t done autos (yet) an I love vegging mine until they fill the tent LOL!!! But I’m listening because I do have a few auto beans to drop someday soon!