Tenga “goddess of the universe” 1st Grow: Outside GDP & PH

Hey Miss Universe! Glad you back! I hope you remain safe, healthy, happy, and surrounded by giraffe lips!!! Peace!!


That was very cool @MrPeat!
Did u notice the Russian version was in a lower key?? I wonder why. (I miss posting music with u!)
@patchman. Heyyyyyy Patchy!!! How are u doing? I saw ur post on my other thread. And nooooooo, I did not leave the forum because of anything u did or said. I left for other reasons but its all water under the bridge now!! There are many weed forums on the web which gives us the opportunity to see where we fit in the best.


As long as you are safe, healthy, and happy thats all that matters to me. And like you said, water under the bridge. I do not think beating a dead horse accomplishes anything. Glad you are ok. I know that I won’t ever get to see any of yall, but you are still my friends. Please take care and let me know how you are from time to time. Peace…


Good to see you glad your posting I missed you sista. :sparkling_heart::purple_heart::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


@Tenga The Russian language has a lot of inflection.

@Dreadpirate I’m in QLD too and have had 2 successful and quick orders arrive if that helps?

And great to see you again too @Tenga :purple_heart: I hope you’re well