Tenga “goddess of the universe” 1st Grow: Outside GDP & PH

Welcome to my first grow journal, also known as “Tenga"s Bonehead Mistakes!” Haha But I’m really excited to be growing weed and this is a learning proposition! After doing a lot of research, I still had no clue how to obtain seeds. It was a gamer friend who told me to get seeds overseas, thru the internet. The first company I found only accepted Bitcoin (which I couldnt figure out how to set up!) Im grateful I found I❤GM! This company has been awesome! Thank you so much!! I’ ve wanted to grow weed all my life, but couldn’t. First I raised 3 kids, then I had a career that included random drug tests. Now Im retired and free at last! Im so happy Im likely to turn naked cartwheels in the front yard at any moment!! I do still have a couple obstacles. One is the Southern state I live in and the other is my husband. He is not supportive. But the last I checked my husband was a man, not my father. He doesnt know what Im doing but he will figure it out, at some point. (Stay tuned.) I got the purple mix pack and during the 420 sale, also got GSCE seeds. I can only grow 1 or 2 at a time cuz i have to hide them in my backyard amongst my tomato plants and flowers. In my research about how to disguise your outdoor plants, I read to use the flowers: Cleome, Lupine and Passion Flower. Ive tried to germinate all of those and so far only was successful with Lupine. ( Just planted Cleome for the 4th time! Wtf?) Anyway, my girls are 9 days old. Im already putting them outdoors in the daytime cuz my indoor lights are apparently too weak and the new ones I ordered havent arrived yet. Ive been combatting stretch the whole time. I overwatered at first. But I did it in attempts to soften the seed hull which was stuck to my Purple Hazes cotelydons! So ive spent several days letting them dry out. Then yesterday I accidentally squirted one while I was watering my watermelons! Dangit!!! Tap water from the hose!!! When i have saved rain water for the girls. I put them back under the lights at night. Tomorrow I will have drywall repairmen in the house, so I gotta hide them outside. I’ll post pictures later.


9 days old, they look like eagles!


Plants look good, nice start. I tie artificial flowers to my outdoor plants as camouflage, in between my wife’s rose bushes. Good luck with the growing, and the husband.


Looking good! Good luck on your Super Secret Grow :wink:


Steady as she goes…Welcome I can relate to your story…same here…Careful of the Florida heat …weather not too bad right now if you stay outside should be done in October


Set watch. I believe you will be successful. I enjoyed your story on how you decided to grow. I have a feeling this is going to be interesting and a fun journal. :slightly_smiling_face::+1:


I’m also set to watch here!! You have a much better start, we’ll done!!

Also in my first grow…

Good luck and keep posting. :smiley:

Wow, ty so much for the encouragement and your kind words! I really appreciate having experienced growers here to help me-- thank u! Hellraiser and Bulldognutz: feel like I already know u cuz I read ur journals. And Recon ur name is familiar, I must see ur posts too. Stony and Scylents- great to meet u! I will follow u guys too ( when I find u! Im still learning how to navigate here.) I feel like I gave my husband a bum rap and need to correct that. Hes been very supportive and helpful with my vegetable garden. The guy has a green thumb and hes very patient. And I cant really blame him for being uncomfortable with having contraband around. But this is my house too, my yard, my dream. And if I dont do it now, when? In another 20 years am I gonna guerilla grow in an empty field next to my nursing home?!! Anyway. . I had decided to grow a few tomatoes as a practice run before weed. And I loved it so much, it turned into a huge vegetable garden. At last count I have 56 tomato plants! Omg, guess ill be making spaghetti sauce for the army! Im also growing peppers, cukes, potatoes, squash, peas, green beans, carrots, pumpkin, 4 kinds of sunflowers, many herbs, corn. . .seriously, it just grew and grewl! And good timing since we are supposed to stay home-- I have plenty to keep me busy! I know this is a weed forum but ill share a couple pics of my garden which I grow in containers. I built the arched trellis myself and its so pretty! Just as I was hoping for with vines over the top and fruit hanging down thru the wire. Keep in mind, as of early February my back yard was completely empty!!!




Im an insomniac from way back. I used to wake up in the middle of the night and do some gaming on my cell phone. But lately I come to this forum instead and just read and poke around. Its so impressive. Its not just the wealth of knowledge that appeals to me, but I see so much camaraderie and fondness between people who can relate to each other. And theres also some quirky senses of humor here that keeps cracking me up! Someone called Bulldog a “jolly rancher” lmao! Wasnt expecting it. So I have my girls on my germinating table in my kitchen, raised up high under my crappy lights. Ive purposely kept a lot of other young plants inside to try to distract.


To me it looks so obvious, the girls are the only 2 plants up high like that. I dont know how Im getting away with it. Ok, my last news for today, drumroll pls, I have finally germinated some Cleome!!! ( a flower for disguising weed outside). So im really happy about that. Especially since i read on this forum that Cleome is not only a good visual disguise but it also smells really skunky!! I almost swallowed my gum when someone on here said he can smell outdoor grows from 2 blocks away! (Am I fudged or what???) Sometimes I feel like Im in way over my head.


I’m a few years from retirement myself. I live on a couple acres and have said when I retire I plan on starting vegetable garden. Looks like when I do I’ll know who to get advice from. Just a heads-up, if you want to get someone’s attention just type @ symbol with their name like this @Tenga it will send a notification to that person that they’ve been tagged.


You’ll find some pretty funny stuff here. Fortunately it’s people laughing with each other and not at each other.


You’ll be amazed at how odorous these plants can be. Some more than others. I just harvested Grand Daddy Purple and I grow indoors, when it got to late flower i could smell it coming up the driveway.


@Bulldognuts oh noooooo. Im gonna get caught. Well maybe when they put out that much odor, I can drag them back in the house? And finish them under lights. “No officer, thats just my Cleome!” I’ll have to plant some Cleome in the front yard.

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@Bulldognuts btw, those plants u recently harvested? Omg. I think I drooled when I looked at your pics. When I get to the point of training, will u please guide me? The way ur plants looked (like a candleabra) with even colas-- wow. I would like to do it just like that. I have some experience with topping and fimming my peppers. But the use of screens and tying branches down and something-cropping ( i forget the first word, but its bending the stem at a right angle)— all Greek to me.

Thanks, the training I do is pretty simple. It will mainly help with plants getting to tall. I would imagine doing a stealth outdoor grow that would be something you would be interested in. I’m following your journal so when it’s time I’ll help in any way possible.

Good morning! My plants on day 12, the color looking a little washed out? I planted the sprouts in this: bottom half of pot had my soil blend for my tomato plants and the top half was seed starter mix. My theory was that as seedlings form roots and grow, they’ll reach the richer soil. Since I’ve found this forum. . .will do things different my next grow. Anyway this is what Im working with now. My pots are about the same size as a solo cup. When I need to transplant them, I have that forest ffof soil. The pot sizes I have available are 1 gal, 4 gal, 7 gal and 15 gal ( black plastic). But i also have 10 gal fabric pots. All of my vegetables are in black plastic pots so im concerned that if i put my weed in tan fabric they will stand out more. Also feeling really worried about how I can deal with odor during flower. Anyway, back to how they look now, here are some pics. Its day 12