Ten weeks start to finsh

Everything I read says autos will be ready to harvest in 10 weeks but I have a plant that is 11 weeks old and no where nere ready, what’s the story.anyone know


Autos are so hit and miss. I haven’t had one go under 16 weeks


Ya my last one was 17 weeks


Maybe 10 weeks after transition. 10 weeks is asking a lot to beginning to end with any kind of harvest. It does happen. Just not common.


There are alot of fast auto strains out there that say they will finish in 10 to 12 weeks from seed, I’m pretty new to autos but I just finished a couple I’d have to go through the dates but one for sure finished in 11 weeks from pop to chop. Sweet Seeds Red Gorilla Girl … there’s a few claiming 8 weeks

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I’ve never had a plant, auto, or photo, that finished in the time the breeder stated. I don’t even consider what they say anymore. It’s just done when it’s done. They’re just selling seeds.


I hear ya

I think the 10 wks advertised doesn’t consider a 3-6 wk veg. So, 13-16 wks from seed to harvest is probably the fine print.

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Ya I kind of wondered if they was telling while story,hey how do they get the buds so big I’m using fox farm ocean and the ppms are still high so I don’t use anything any ideas

Couldn’t agree more

Introduce a rhizo (tribus, fish sh!t, recharge, ext… all different things of the same). Begin feed when you notice a deficiency or drop below 700-800 ppm. And I don’t mean the rhizo. Your soil already has rhizo. It’s just nice to have more and help the ones already established.

My first grow of ILGM GG took ~120 days from the day it broke ground. So about 15 weeks.

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Yeah, my last GDP took 18 weeks from the day it broke ground.