Temps in the tent when drying


It’s getting close to harvest time, I know I am supposed to dry them in a cool dark area, what is considered too cold?


Cool would be 50’s F @dmykins I have dried and cured in temps down to about 45. My cure is at 46 F right now


Where do you dry/cure to get that temp @bob31? Unless I run an air conditioner I don’t think I’ll ever get below 60.


I use heavy brown paper bags. Or a cardboard box. It may take them longer to dry but they will get down to 60 RH @Tylan


I thought you were talking temp not rh that’s why I asked. My tent will never get that low of temp ever even in winter as it sits right night to my furnace


I am talking both temps and rh. Cool and dry are the key. @Tylan