Temperature to go outside

I just need a refresher… how cold is too cold for my babies to be left out over night for the first time? If my memory is correct then it’s about 55 degrees?? :disappointed::skull_and_crossbones:

rule of thumb, if you live in the northeast like i do, you do not want to plant anything in the ground until after memorial day. good luck!

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My babies are outside in temps down to 48-50 degrees and doing fine. The strain you have makes a lot of difference. I have Hindu Kush and Afgoo, Indica plants from the Mountains. I’m at 5000 ft and they are in a climate they were bred for.

They should do fine in 45+ temps with the exception that autoflowers and some other breeds can be more resilient with lower temps. Just know that below 55° the plants growing abilities are severely diminished, and high temp swings can begin to stress a plant.

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Defiantly in northeast… lol. I I’ve been bringing them outside durring day to condition them to the change. Memorial day… shoulda known that.

I also normally wait till end of may if in Pots you youll be fine as long as temp dont drop below 50 at night tho

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I hear ya, I still have my seeds in a humitiy dome, they have not sprouted yet,I keep them under lights from 3am till 9pm but when I get home I put the dome outside in a green house for a few hrs to save some electricity.