Temperature question


A question from one of our customers:

First time grow issues, I have 3 seeds blueberry auto’s. 1 didn’t Germinate, 2 are growing. Of the 2 growing 1 looks strong the other weak, "it’s kind leaning to one side- arched over. these are 4 days old and are only about 1.5cm tall. I have the following setup, 4x8x6 tent, 2 600w King plus LED full spectrum lights,(1 light is about 8-10in from plants) 6 inch fan and carbon filter, Temp gauge next to plant reads 79F. IS this too hot? Is that why they are small or is this a normal plant size? Help please I really need these to grow


No it’s not too hot… use a chopstick to stake your plant up so it doesn’t fall over

A gentle breeze from a fan help strengthen the stems over time

I don’t know anything about led lights so someone else hopefully can help with that
-best wishes


Please check your distance chart from your light manufacturer they seem to me to be very near to the plant. I run a 400watt led and for a plant this size I have to keep the seedling at 30 inches from the light. All plants grow at a different rate remember they are just babies. You could look into a CFL for your seedlings. Could you post a picture please.



led is good for flowering I use cfl to start then move to led .N should be used at the beginning on my autos.


It is not a good idea to have a 600w LeD that close to sprouts. The little plant might be attempting to get away from the light.


The color looks weird It is the grow LED light. The one with the matchstick support is about 30percent smaller than her sister. Same plant time 5 days.

Is this small size normal for the Blueberry Autos? also, the root on the smaller plant is starting to poke out of the peat moss sack already.


I switch the led off then take pic it makes it easier to spot any problems. They are like kids some tall some short. Are you using hydro or soil or soilless?. If you are growing in soil or soilless put them in 5 inch pots.I don’t grow in hydro so maybe one of the mentors can help you with that. Welcome to the site. Every one will help if they can it’s a great site. Best of luck.



my led has more bright lights and a small mixture of blue and red but like I said I just use it for flowering