Temperature question room

What is a good temperature for a grow room with the grow lights on? I grow out of my closet with a vent in there but when the lights are in it gets up to 83 degrees. Is this normal temperature for the lights?

Perfect is 77 but as long as you are between 65 and 85 you are good up or down is pushing it


Ok so anything over 85 with lights is pushing it. I have my lights on 23/7 so I might switch to 18/6 cycle… although i feel it might not help considering it gets hot fast

You’ll need more air exchange

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@MeEasy yeah im just wondering whats going on, i added another exhaust/intake fan and doesnt seem to make much difference. Hows your set up?

I was in my closet as well but just bought a tent because I was struggling with temperature myself. I got a 4x4 and put my 6 inch cloudline in for exhaust and my 4 inch I power as intake ran the 4 into the tent put a Y fitting on it to split the air to blow directly on my two LEDs

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What strain are you growing?

Skittles and chronic widow

Not famil with your chronic widow but Zkittles doesn’t like heat found that out. Hermies… Won’t like 85 deg F they do seem to love 75-77 :grimacing:

Curious on your temps when your lights are off
Never configured a grow tent never dealt with them but @MeEasy has and can help you in that configuration, I do know heat and how Zkittles acts with heat stress more so then any of my other strains and I have a lot of them…

Good question. Its only off for 1 hour ill check.

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Ok.: Was looking around for a blue tooth unit to read mine outside the room… Found a few but can’t come to any conclusion yet :man_shrugging:

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Yeah i grow out of my closet and leave the door open because if i dont, itll go up a few. Not sure if my exhaust fan is causing more heat by having warm air blowing or what

Where’s it exhausting to? And where’s intake air coming from? :thinking:

I’ve got one I pull up temps and humidity in my phone costs 12. Amazon

So main intake and exhaust should be going through my ac vent. I have a carbon filter that is hooked up to a fan to exhaust that out of the closet by the door way

Got what?

A Govee shows temps and humidity with averages etc. screenshots attached


Yeah maybe i should see if the temp i have has a tracking app.