Temperature for mason jars

I just put my cannabis in mason jars, what is the best temperature they need to cure? How about the seeds I found in the bottom of bowl, do they need to dry out a bit before refrigerating? I’m a beginner so your input is appreciated.

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Mine cure at room temperature, I bag and label the seeds (I’ve got 3 so far), there’s supposed to be all fem ?

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@bobbi As far as curing in jars you want to be around 70 degrees with a humidity of around 60%. For the hanging part before jars the humidity should be around 50%. Anything lower then 50 outside and 60 inside jars will cause them to dry out too fast. That should work out perfect for you. Just keep a close eye on them inside the jars to avoid mold and mildew.


I cure in mason jars (quart) kept in dark closet at room temp (68 - 70 degrees). After 2-3 weeks of burping and curing I add a Boveda 62% 8 gram pack to the jar and continue curing ,30-60 days, until I like what I see, then vacuum seal jar for long term storage.