Temperature for growing



A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

Thanks for posting my problem. So my cfm for my fan is 160 and my intake is 4 inch. I’m venting outside. Straight pipe. I can’t seem to keep my temperature between 75 and 80f. I’m purchasing a 10 inch exhaust fan. Should solve the problem.??? What do you think.
I apologise my intake exhaust is 3 inch not 4. My exhaust fan is 160 cam 6 inch. 6x5x7 room. Mars hydro 1600w. I can’t keep heat bolow 80. Fan not strong enough??? So I’m purchasing a 10 inch exhaust fan. What do you think growers.


What is temp of air intake? Is your outside exhaust pulling from upper zone of room and intake down? Have you a fan oscillator to help temp uniformity? Did you check temps in more zone of your grow room?


Depending on the other characteristics of your grow, 140cfm fan probably a little low for that size grow if you’re using filter and duct that will drag it down a little. Especially without an intake fan. But the temp of intake air can impact that as well, as can the type of lighting you’re using.

Personally on led grows, I like my canopy temps in low 80’s.


I don’t worry about mid 80’s either.


5x6x7= 210cf your fan is meeting minimum air exchange at once every 3 min exchanging air almost twice as fast this is assuming you take in fresh cool air passively or with intake fan at matched exhaust rate?


I usually recommend that you have less intake than exhaust to keep room or tent in the negative pressure
Whats the temperature of you incoming air
Also try getting your exhaust intake above the lights that’s where most of your heat will be are you running exhaust 24-7