Temperature fluctuation in the grow room

I’m pretty sure I already know the unfortunate answer to my question but I have to know for sure. I’m approaching week 5 of flowering and growing papaya punch, mimosa, and gelato. I had read that stimulating my plants with cooler temperatures would potentially bring out the different colors of the plants and decided to give it a try. Needless to say I found that 2 of 3 plants have hermied on me. My day time temperature ranges between 72-75 and I had my night time temperature ranging between 55-60. So is it safe to assume that a 20°f temperature fluctuation could be the cause of the hermies? The only other thing I can think could have caused it is genetics. Other than being topped while young and vegging the plants havent been stressed in any other way.my ph has stayed pretty stable between 6.6-7.0 in soil. Everyone talks about optimal grow room temperatures but dont really cover the effects of temperature fluctuation in the grow room. Please help!

If you could bring your temps up it would help. But not necessarily uncommon for outdoor grows.

Although you can get some nice coloring you always run the risk of stressing the plant . 10 degrees swing is about the biggest you should have between night and day and I wouldn’t let the night time drop below 65. Sux about the herms been there . Done that. We’re these bag seed or purchased? And Welcome to the forum !

Piggy backing this thread…
What are some safe ways to bring up temperature in the tent
Safe ways to bring up the humidity? Or after germination is humidity still a big factor?
Thanks in advance

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Good to know I’ll keep this in mind for future grows! And herms do suck but I take it as a learning experience. They were bag seeds so no major loss there. And thanks

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We can have a 50 degree swing here. That is how South Texas pimp rolls. Glad I can’t grow outdoor.

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Light leak?, working in there while light s are out

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Bag seed could be genetics. I do agree, 20 is a little much but the Mother could have turned hermie and that’s where your seeds came from.

Unfortunately it’s a big gamble with bag seed . Most of the time bag seed results from a female plant self pollinating (herm) the resulting seeds are that much more likely to hermie also. So could have been temps could have been bad genetics. I wasted a lot of time on bag seeds only to get herms every single time. Switched to ILGM genetics and have had none

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I use an ultrasonic humidifier. Use distilled or RO water if you go that route
I use a vornado heater for temps. That heater doesn’t have a coil that glows so it’s good for light out during flower

Ive consistently had night temps drop into the 50’s with zero hermaphrodites.
Id guess genetics, or a light leak.

I run my tent door wide open. The actual door to the room is open. Lots of light gets in and I have never had a problem.

I dont think so… I suppose it’s possible but my tents are closed up every night

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Very possible the mother turned hermie and pollinated herself. Seeds all came from the “sale” shelf at the dispensary