Temperature controlling?

So just installed an 18000 btu window ac in my grow room. Thinking it would alleviate my heat issues. Well it will do that but the temperature fluctuates so much its hard to maintain a constant temperature. Ive came across a device called a coolbot that seems like it would work but is almost as much as the ac itself. Any suggestions? Or products that could be used? Theres all kinds for a 110v ac but not finding much for a 220v

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Never heard of coolbot before,just checked it out.
Looks great ,will get one of those …one day.

What temps are you experiencing? Are you running LEDS or HPS??

Leds. Part of my problem is the dehumidifier is exhausting in the room. So when it kicks off the temp drops. Kicks on tenp rises. Im going to exhaust it out in the morning to alleviate that problem. Where im at is really hot and humid right now so even theough thebroom is fully insulated you turn the ac off it gets hot fast, around 90. Turn it on it goes down to 72 to 70. I cant find the happy medium yet

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Do you have an auto feature? Put it on 78 and let her fly. The exhaust will help as far as exhausting heat.

You should look into an inkbird. controller. It will turn on and off the humidifier however you set it. Keep your exhaust at full throttle.

The humidifier shouldn’t increase your temperature…

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A dehumidifier will though. :grin:

As mentioned an inkbird or a AC Infinity 69 Pro will do the same thing .

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Ha!! I read that post without my glasses…damn these old eyes.

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Im getting there… i have to squint and turn my phone to get a good read…

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  • Does Inkbird make a controller for 240v units?

  • The warm air coming from a dehumidifier is the dry air it’s making. Exhausting it somewhere else is just turning the dehumidifier into and exhaust fan, with the other room becoming dryer… maybe I’m misunderstanding what you’re planning.

  • Could you do something creative, like removing the sensor/thermostat/control/whatever from the unit and placing it more remotely in the room? Or circulating the bedroom air more? Built-in thermostats never seem to work very well.

Just some thoughts…

Ok, I guess I read that as “bedroom”… maybe my eyes need checking too :grin:
Well anyway, some ideas are better than others…

I meant to touch back with you. I do have an auto feature. It is labeled under the fan controls so i just figured it controled the fan not the cooling operation. Turns out it does. Set it on auto and it keeps the room from 76 to 80 when set on 78. Turns out exhausting the dehumidifiers was counter productive. So they are both exhausting into the room now. So the whole room is a sealed system and im using the control 69 as a backup to exhaust oit if needed. Im just scrubbing the room from within instead of on its way out. Room is runni g great set on auto. Thanks!

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You are exactly right. When i exhausted the 2nd dehumidifier out i wasnt dehumidifying the room at all. So they are both exhausting into the room now and i have everything working great

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