Temperature control during grow

A question from a fellow grower:

One question is the area I intend to use is a sectioned-off place in my cellar…constant temps around 60F (15C). I’m assuming once lights are on the temps will pleasantly rise to acceptable levels, but concerned temps dropping back down to that 60(15) level when lights are off. Think with the 18/6 it will take some time to drop so maybe won’t be an issue, but when I go the 12/12 it might. Do you know if I will need a small heater during lights off period, or will the temps be ok until lights come back on?

I have the very same thing going on right now.
I have 3 different strains all just starting flower 12/12 just 4 -5 days ago.
I do my light schedule off durning the day lowest temp 59 degrees 6:00 am till 6:00 pm lights on it gos back to 79 -80 degrees for passed 5 days now and so far so good. I am in the South U.S.
Don’t know where you are but I am going to get a small heater just in case we get another cold snap…why take changes like I’ve been doing. Im not going to push it cooler air may stress my girls…get the heater…lol


Any information on smaller watt heaters for small grow tents?

Not 1500 watts of socket melting power…more like 200-250 watts, the type for real small areas? 3x3, 4x4?

I share the problem and am looking into that type, not to heat the room, just slow the cooling down from 78 to 65, not 60.

Oh ya I hear ya. You just got to shop around different stores. I have no idea where your at let along know of any stores to name .



Looking at this

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Lasko #100 MyHeat Personal Ceramic Heater

Looking at this from Amazon

YA, there ya go…I’m going to check a couple of stores here first. If I can’t come up with anything. I have itvright here.

Thank you that would be perfect


You are find - marijuana can take “hard” temps" (consider when they grow outside. Your night temps are OKI but if one can get to temp of 70-80 degrees (wide average) will work just fine !!! save your money. If would drop below frezzing - yes - a heater. Any way when the plant is in late flower low temps really bring out the color in your buds !!!

I was worried about the range, high 70’s to 60, a 20 degree separation…I don’t want it to survive, I want it to thrive.
Just me, worrying…thanks for the reassurance :smiley:

Not to worry! best to ask that’s how we all learn ; glad I could help you !

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Thanks all, that was a question from me. I’m in the southwest and can say the cellar (underground concrete storm cellar) year round is a constant 60f(15c).
I just this morning set up one light in advance of my order so will be able to tell what temp I achieve with them on. I’ll keep you apprised. Good to know the lower temps might not be a problem.
Let us know how the flowering goes if you decide you don’t require a small heater.

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