Temperature control attic

A question from a fellow grower:

Had to move my 1 month old clones to the attic. Worried about temps when the lights are off, should I install heater to come on when lights are off? Or maybe root heater. In a conundrum. No bad signs yet but seems cold when I check them. Soil seems to cool also.

Can’t put in a closet ?

Do you have a min/max thermomitor in the space? have you insulated and enclosed around your plants? Attics can be suitable space if you enclose with foam insulation and it meets your temp requirements I assume this is for stealth so space heaters and fans are an issue? I have used attic in the past what I did was enclose with 2" styrofoam since it’s white served to purposes light reflection and held temps decently stable in hot weather far from ideal colder weather simply leaving my hatch open allowed houses heat to sneak in. If it’s not so much for stealth a thermostatic space heater set at 68 would do it but once again enclose since if like me you get snow will have hell of a warm roof compaired to neigbors dead give away

I think I would make some light stick framing and attach 6mil panda plastic to the frame; Forming a small protected area. A small radiant oil filled heater works best. Very easy to dial in the correct temps, and I also think it is a good idea to have the heater come on when the lights go off. I use a reptile style 6 way set-up with a built in timer. The single unit costs about 25 bucks, but takes care of light timing, and has a dark, and a light set of plugs. Once it is set; Just leave it to turn your components on and off. Good Luck :slight_smile: