Temp problems new grower

Ok I finally harvested two of 4 plants I had on my first grow. I wasn’t really happy with it so I broke down and got a new setup. Ac infinity 4x4x6 tent with the 4 inch inline fan combo, with photontek 600watt pro led and two 6 inch clip on fans, and can’t seem to get the temps below 88 to 90 while the lights are on. Night time temps drop to around 67 to 70 when off. House temp stays from 69 to 74 all the time. The two plants I have finishing look good and I don’t see any signs of stress, but I would like to lower the temps. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Is there a difference in heat in a tent and heat outdoors. I also have this plant that’s about 6 weeks old and it’s growing like crazy and our outdoor temps have been in the 90s and triple digits the last month or so.


I have the same size tent… I need an 8 inch fan to exhaust the heat the lights produce…in my 3x3x5 tent I need 6 inch fans to get the heat under control…I think you need a bigger exhaust fan


yes, outside she gets some ‘shade heat’ , in the tent she is always under direct light heat

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I have another 4 inch inline fan that goes with my 2x2 spider farmer tent . Could I put that in there and run to exhaust fans, would it help?


absolutely that will help…

I use a 6” fan in a 2x4 tent, and run the exhaust outside. It keeps my temp down. Like mentioned, I think you need a bigger fan, and yes, I do believe two 4” fans would help a lot.


I don’t use a grow room per se but I learned about using fans while growing Blue Berry plants. When I increased the air flow over my plants they seemed to take off immediately even though the temp was not an issue - they just like the air. The last time I went to a Ham Fest I picked up several 120V muffin fans, mounted 4 of them to a 1x6 board, and added a PWM to adjust the fan speed. Total cost was around $10 U.S. When the plants get into growtime stage I crank the fan speed up to full and the leaves flutter a little in the breeze and the plants are happy.

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beautiful setup. very nice. someone aint playing around. i see lots of buds in your future. I hope you can get your heat problem resolved

I just started my first grow as well, do you have the bottom vents open during lights on. When i was dialing in my tent, i had the same problem until i did that🤷‍♂️

Also, i have one of my clipons pointed directly at light

So for everyone on here, if I exhaust through a Carbon filter into the lung room will that help raise lung room temps and balance the tent and lung room?