Temp or humidity? + Tips burn during flower?

Recent weather changes have given me a decision.
I have kept temps between 60 and 70 since seedling.
Humidity between 50 and 60. Rare trips outside either range. I’m starting week maybe 5 of flower. It’s my first grow but as far as I can tell, all looks good(except for next question), the weather now outside is cramping what I have to work with inside. I can’t keep the humidity in this range all the time. I am getting over 70% humidity often, and large parts of a hole day. By the time I am posting this the weather gotten right…but it’s for sure to be back.
My choice for now is lowering the temperatures to stay closer to 60 degrees all the time but may dip in to the 50s some to achieve humidity that doesn’t go over 70%. I read opinions that go both ways about humidity levels during flowering.
And I hear of bud mold. What is everyone opinions on humidity during flower?..are my numbers mentioned ok and I am too worried?
If my humidity is out of bounds…are the lower temps with risking to control the humidity?
SECOND QUESTION(will try send pics)
In flower, giving full strength + of ILGM flower time, and never seen signs it was anything but good. Last week slowly to now I have almost every leaf tip looking like it has burn. Just barely,like 1/8" of tip. I have had no overall “light color” or dead leaves at all.
As well I have read more than one person say “if” they could keep leafs burnt that little on the tips all the time they would,as they feel like it’s a sign they are giving the plant all it wants + enuff not to hurt it bad. Which might make a little sence I guess…but my first grow…I am not experienced enuff to have an opinion or trust myself to make that decision! lol.
Could I have your opinions on this as well please?
First grow and I’m stunned they look as good as they do and really hope to finish them healthy !!!
Thanks for any help!

My ideal range, for late flower. Which I intend to hit this winter. Will be 78°F+ day temps. 55° night temps. Humidity inside tents 50-65%. Even when my lung room is 45% humidity my flower tents don’t drop below mid 50s%. And these are actually close to ideal numbers. Which it sounds you’re worried about being in the ideal range?

Tip burn is caused by two things. Dew when a grow light comes on. Or your right on the perfect cusp of too much nitrogen but not hit. In either case I’ve never lowered it because of it. It’s a do nothing thing.

See my tips…

Ofc I’ve never seen an accurate vpd chart without taking average leaf temperature. Just like that chart requires. -3. Which is my almost always variation. But that’s dependant on light intensity and wind velocity. So you can’t just use any one of 6 charts. Since 0° curve is halfway across the graph from 5° curve. Lol. With fan movement, exhaust and really intense lights… you’d be surprised what temps you can get away with. If I had the light and a CO2 generator I’d want daytime temps in the mid 90s. Cannabis is a very interesting plant.


Some one around here said the lady had painted finger tips, I liked that👍

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And gets more interesting everyday!
Thanks for sharing, and your insights.

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So minuscule. If this is your concern then you’re in good shape!

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