Temp or defs? Idk what to do

Whatever the package recommends.

Is that showing all over the plant? Is it predominantly in the upper or lower part of the plant?

I appreciate that but I already have it. I am not a new grower as this is my 3rd round of autos. Can’t wait to do some photos.

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All thru pants sir. I have an 8 pack of green crack started. They are about 8 weeks sir.

Religiously. Yes sir. I will run ph in lower 6 and then the next water a high 6.

Very helpful thanks for that.

Problems throughout the plant would trouble me. Usually a deficiency is localized to lower leaves for mobile and upper growth for immobile.

I run my grows in soil with water going in @ 7ish pH. I don’t check runoff (because I don’t have problems).

“It’s critical to always start by verifying that the pH of your nutrient solution and growing media is in an ideal range for nutrient absorption (pH 5.5 – 6.5 for cannabis), before supplementing any additional liquid or dry fertilizer.”


Looks like iron deficiency to me give some molasses next feeding it has iron in it

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I have used several different brands of cal-mag most recommend 5 to 6 ml per gal. no more than twice a week.


In they’re current condition I would go with 5ml per feeding until she recovers, as @Myfriendis410 stated look for the upper and new growth :love_you_gesture:

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How about filling out the Support Ticket?


I got plenty of help without. But thanks anyway

Ph was 6.8 at runoff. Got a new better light led of course and I’m struggling now.

That isn’t enough under led lights. I’m using 2 per gallon atm.

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What brand cal-Mag are you using ? Plants need more when they reach flowering stage. I would at least give what brand recommends, I usually give a little more.

I give them 2 per gallon. I would think that’s plenty even under led. It may be iron issue. But thanks I’m using lotus for first time. Not a bigg fan so far but I may need to up my nutes. There is nothing about lotus and auto flowers out there. Nothing

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