Temp issue with new grow room

So I’ve upsized from my old cabinet to a full 10x12 room in the basement. My issue is that during the winter the basement gets to be around 64 degrees. I was thinking of using a MH wing reflector for winter time vegging. Can anyone tell me if a 600 watt MH will put off enough heat so that I don’t need a space heater on the whole time during lights on ? I’d rather pay for electricity for light and get the heat as a bonus if possible

How is your humidity?, i ask because if you have to use one they give off some heat and will raise the temp in the room @Watt-Sun

With the room empty I’m at about 45% Rh. I haven’t grown in the room yet as it’s in the final phases of construction but as it stands , it’s cold and dry

so your humidity is good for flower but not veg, i know its a big expence but i put a reverse cycle aircon in, it heats cools and dehumidifies so for me it was worth the money.

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If 64f is the low temp without any lights on, you should be fine.
Light off in my basement hits 45f, and 75f with lights on. I have to run a space heater at night.


Its not horible and when plants r in there it will go up that light will be close to getting your temps up some.

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Do you use MH for veg? What size room do you have?

But doesn’t that need 1.21 jigawatts?image
Seriously though …a what?

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An Air conditioner

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try a 1500w Duraflame Quarts Infrared heater,
use it to get the room at workable temp.!

i use one to heat a 16 x 28 x 9 tall ‘garage’ (well insulated) and it does good.!
keeps the room temp at 70-71,
in your basement it would do great.!!

it will take 1-3 weeks for a heater/dehumidifier/humidifier to get a room acclimatized.!!
expect 2-3 wks in a basement.!

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I run 2- 1000w MH/ HPS lights in a 13x13 room. I have air cooled reflectors and still run a heater set at 72. When it warms up a little, I will turn on the a/c. A lot depends on how much air you are moving through the room.

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