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how long for seeds in water and temp of water :joy::rofl::joy::smiley::sweat_smile::smile::sweat_smile::clock12::clock1130:

Usually 24 hours. I put mine in a shotglass of distilled water, and add a few drops of peroxide. Afterwards, if there’s no hint of a β€˜tail’ I dump the whole shotglass onto a paper towel on a plate. Fold the towel over the seed and dump the excess water off, then cover with another plate.

I keep the shotglass (covered with an opaque cup) and/or the plate on the cable box for warmth.

Once I see a tail, it goes root-down in a root-riot or similar cloning pod. which is in a solo cup of dry peat with no nutrients.

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What does the peroxide do

It helps soften the husk I believe, but it also adds more oxygen (h2o2 instead of just h2o)

And after the 24hr soak, it’s back to just water anyway because it breaks down.

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