Temp help for a 5x5

Recently got a 5x5 tent But i have issues wit the temps being in the 80’s to 83’s is that fine ? and the RH is between 50-60


How big of a exhaust fan are you using?

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not using any of that just a regular 16inch fan

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You really should look into getting an exhaust fan. It really helps with humidity and temperature.


Depending on the strain you are growing it can be very sensitive to the temperature and humidity and make or break a plant, so you want to keep temps and humidity in check with what your growing so you can maximize its potential. An exhaust fan setup is the best way to achieve temperature and humidity control.


Ventilation is not to be skimped on if you want good healthy plants, need to draw in fresh air and exhaust hot air, get an adjustable 400+ cfm 6" fan, ducting, optionally a carbon filter and you can dial in your temps by controlling the airflow through your tent.


Well i have 2 of theses ventech fans but the problem is gonna be the bill its gonna go up ALOT if im not wrong

Yeah those fans suck. Those are booster fans meant to boost the flow of another fan, not handle the job on their own.

You need a proper exhaust fan like this:


or more budget friendly:


yeah tight on money after buying this tent ill have to deal with it the temps are currently 84F with 56 RH

The plants seem fine thoe with the temps being in that range .

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plants look healthy low 80s temperature Not bad. The problem comes in when tent gets more crowded. And you’re not pulling in fresh air and exhausting hot stale air. You run a risk Of white powdery mildew and mold. If you do decide to get an exhaust fan. Make sure and get a variable speed. Should be able to run on the low end of medium speed. Good luck.

Those temperatures are fine for now but once you get into flowering you’ll want to stay below 80

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yes most definitely gonna try and stay under 80F its currently at 77F but with the door somewhat open !


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I keep my door open sometimes too. My ole lady says I pay more attention to my plants than I do her😁