Temp difference with larger tent sizes

I’m currently growing in a 2x4x5 but I’m considering upgrading to a 4x4x6.5 For those who have switched tents in the same space, how much warmer was the larger tent? I have a HLG 300L Rspec in my 2x4 and would add a second in the 4x4. My temps with this 2x4 setup are in the 77-78 range lights on & 70 off. My tent is in a closet and I’m worried the temps will increase too much. 6inch AC Infinity T6 vents to a nearby window. 6 inch booster on the intake.

That’s the temperatures I aim for, getting a larger tent, and adding a light would increase the temperature a little, but a little bump in the exhaust fan should be able to take care of it.

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I found the same thing went from a smaller tent to my new 8x4 and with adding an addition of lights temp went up… but AC fan went up one notch and evened it all out… those ac Infinity fans can move serious air! Just dial it in man took me three days or so to know once I set the new one up. Just plan to run the tent without anything in it until you think you got it right… adding plants will bump humidity so don’t have to worry about that in the empty tent test… no plants 8x4 was at 32-35. Basment is at 50 all times now with plants in it reaches the 60s and 70s if I let the run off stand in the drip trays


Thanks for the responses. I didn’t think about moving up a size in fans. I could still use one of the 6 inch fans for intake and just upgrade the exhaust size. The only other thing I’m worried about is access since I’ve never seen a 4x4. I can only access the tent from the front due to the width of my closet. Working with the rear half of the tent may be challenging once things start filling up. I can always temporarily move a plant out of the way.