Temp diff when turning down leds is 5 ° F

I thought that was interesting info someone might find useful. That’s from max to min on 4 hlg qd 135s.

Nice, those quantum board lights are pretty nifty


Good to know! I run 4 132’s so should be about the same range. Thanks!

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Dude it at times is an issue your not worried about cooling but keeping your stuff warm enough. A UK buddy of mine that uses old school stuff doesn’t get it.lol wonder what my 4x120s do. I have a sensor push might be able to figure this out problem is not keeping tent.

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How much do you turn down the light to achieve that result. I notice the difference on my hlg 260’s at 75% but my plants are living full power so I’m running a little hotter and trying to pull a little more air in. Still never above 82° F

I’m not sure. It has a pot that turns about a 1/4 turn. But all the way.

Super easy to build with the help you get here and you save money. Wear sunglasses when you test them!!

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