Temp and humidity

Hey everyone still pretty new to all of this. I’m on seedling stage and was just wondering what all of my levels should be at? Soil ph, temp, humidity, and all that good stuff. Thanks in advance

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If soil should be one optimized for Cannabis like Fox Farms, Black Magic, Roots Organics etc. Anything that says ‘needs no feeding for 3 months’ or ‘moisture control’ is going to be a poor choice for growing in.

Assuming you are in FFOF (Fox Farms Ocean Forest) you will need to do nothing but water until they transition to flower.

There is really no reason to measure your soil PH but if you did you would perform a ‘slurry’ test: you can search for that here.

PH and TDS meters are very important to grow with and you should not cheap out on them. Soil probe types (unless expensive) are not worth buying. Apera makes a decent line that is used by many folks here.

Humidity should be close to 100% for seedlings and you can achieve that by placing a clear dome over the seedlings and mist the dome twice per day with straight distilled water to keep it moist. Do NOT water the soil as you will drown the seedling: it collects all of it’s moisture from the air right now. Temp should be upper 70’s with 78 being about perfect. Until the seedlings are repotted I would be on a 24/0 light schedule. Once transplanted drop down to 16/8.


Soil ph around 6.5, temps 68-85F (with 70-78 being more ideal), humidity 40-70 RH would be great for seedlings.