Temp and humidity?


Is 74 36 ok for my plant?


74 is a little low temp but not harmful and plant won’t mind it 36rh is low but if your plant is still growing and not looking stressed doesn’t require addressing this instant. humidity and temp control aide in speeding plant growth by making it drink more and suck up nutes more if humidity is too low plants actually stop respiring or slow down intake and release of water. Too much humidity and they can’t respire ideal would be 45% rh 50-60% during veg for speedy growth with temp topping out right around 80 no co2 and only 10. swing light and dark but 74 is ok. If your lady looks happy and is growing to your expectations don’t stress…


I agree with what Donald says! I haven’t got my humidifier yet so RH is sitting at 30%. Plants are growing healthy but definitely not as fast as they could be with a higher RH.


The humidity is even lower now like 1415% but the temperature has gone up to about 80° 30 Celsius I really don’t know what to do. I’ve been growing in outside but temps are too cold so had to bring it in. Will spraying it with a missed help with the humidity and will my plant die?
She is been flowering about two weeks Outside the humidity is about 65% but temps are cooler like in the 50s I really don’t know what to do at this point. Any suggestions thanks for your help


I was late an hour putting her to bed.


clear plastic bag lots of holes for air how tall is your plant? a used fridge with no shelves a few vent holes drilled in it and some creativity and you have yourself a a single plant grow room lol…


seems like an odd idea but that’s what a grow box is. Key factors it’s insulated so easy to keep right temp secure so can be locked and made discrete and humidity and temp control would be a snap as well light tite.
Free if you look around people dump used fridges all the time.