Temp and humidity question

I got my meter a few days ago, and just wanted to see what you all think.

it’s wierd though, the high temp was at 1130 pm, you would think the high temp would be during. the day and cooler at night… I’m confused a bit

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Usually about 11:30 is prob about the time your house finally reached its peak temp from outside hear like the sun beating on the roof

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Same one I have it works well it’s off maybe by 1 compared to my manual thermometer

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What time do your lights go out?

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thanks for the replies guys… my grow is going on in the workshop. . my lights go off at midnight and come back on at noon l, and am using led lights and one CFL.

so am I in the acceptable range of temps and humidity?

that makes sense xxpain, luckily those temps are in t the workshop shop. initially it was wood, then a few years ago my dad helped me add brick as the final touch . I don’t think I’d be able to sleep with the temps that high at night… its currently 76 f outside right now… that’s . S. Texas weather for you in winter

lol,its hard to keep temps in line when mother nature cannot figure out what she wants…
here in south ark,she has been swinging the temps from 70-the teens …

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I believe that is the same meter I have. The way it calculates Hi and Low is kinda weird but in summary, it is at least over a 24 hour period but no more than 36 hours. So, it’s not really high and low for the day.

If your in veg. your rH is ok you might want to try and get temp down below 80 degrees though but your fine. You want your air temp to be between 68 to 78 degrees and your rH around 50 to 70 percent. :cactus:


Exactly. tee.

Those high temps and humidity are good for seedlings… not so much for buds. I run 72-75. 55% rH. My experience with high temps has resulted many times with hermies. lol

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that’s not good to hear, I’m on third week of flower mode 12/12…i have a window unit in the workshop but I’d rather not use it, I know the electricity bill is gonna spike… ohh well, . I might have to just get a grow tent and bring it into my bed room

Hey Edward!

Maybe set your ac unit to come on after 2 hours of light or whenever the temps start to spike. Save a little energy that way… in my last 3 weeks of flower I go down to 10/14. Sometimes even 9/15.

Cheers! :beer::beer::beer:

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I guess that’s why my temp readings seem kinda strange