Tell me your thoughts

First of all, I hope I put this in the right place.

Secondly, have a look at this, and tell me what you see.
I’m not going to say anything, until I hear some other opinions.

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A seed pod?

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the little round thing level with that node?

At the base of the top node… yes.

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have you gave it a squeeze?
@Majiktoker @latewood

Yes… they do have a white pistil coming out of them.

It’s a swollen calax, they have pistols coming out. Thats her female parts


I’ll do an update to this post and give you a little more info.

Strain; Southlake Show, grown from seed, started 10, separated out 4 males at 6 weeks. Then switched to 12/12 light schedule. Now in week 3 of flowering.

Soil in 5 gal squat Root Trappers, 5 lbs Kind Soil topped with Pro Mix BX.

PH of runoff or solution in reservoir… 6.5 - 6.6

What is strength of nutrient mix… N/A, using Kind Soil.

Indoor or Outdoor… indoor, 12x14 dedicated room.

Light system, size… due to a small budget, the plants were veged with a T5, 6 bulb 53 watt grow light with 6500k bulbs.
Just bought my new system at the beginning of flowering.
Digital Greenhouse, dimmable 400 watt HPS / MH @240v.
Using the Grow bright HPS now.

Temps; Day, Night… 72-74, 68-72.

Humidity; Day, Night… in flowering, keeping between 40 and 50%

Ventilation system; No… 2, 12in fans, one high, one low, circulates air around the room.
Door is open during the day for fresh air.

AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier… I use a dehumidifier.

Co2… No

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Ok… I was praying that that’s what they were.
They looked a lot like Hermies, and I was getting a little worried. Never saw them in real life before, only pictures and it’s really hard to tell.

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She’s a female


A Hermie does not look like that …a Hermie looks like two bananas shooting out and it’s very obvious because they’re a bright yellow that looks like nothing else on the plant… your calyxes will look white in skinny and thin like little hairs and nanners will look like actual bananas shooting out , 2 as a pair of one coming out and you may see one or two here and there or you may see a buttload depending on how stressed the plant Maybe… but nothing I see here looks anything male or hermi to me… good luck in your adventures…



Oh yeah…That is a good lookin’ Bud! :smiley:

Thank you!
I love my girls and I take very, very good care of them all!
You should see a photo of them all together!

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Post one then we can all see them! :seedling: :seedling: :seedling: :+1:t2:

Here ya go!!!


Looking nice bro
Buds are stacking up nicely :+1::v:️:sunglasses:

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Thanks dood…
They are just completing week 3 of flowering.
And as you can see, I had a small issue going on I just realized this morning.

Look at the back plant… “The Claw!”

Ugh… I corrected it tho, I raised my light a few inches for the day, and flushed them to runoff.
Yes I got a little carried away with feeding.
Came in after working a straight 48 shift, and just wasn’t thinking… I was very, very tired!

But I fixed it just before I put them to bed tonight. We’ll see how things go in the next day or two.

Well that’s ok we all do or have done same stuff
It happens especially if when your not thinking clear lol
Glad you corrected it bro :+1::wink::v:

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