Tell me why she hates me?

This plant has given me so many headaches. The stretch, the week without water, she topped nicely but dang it she’s ugly. Should I toss her? Not looking to grow a five foot tall plant

@Jeff420chef clearly bud it’s you who hates her lol. She looks very good. Controlling height is easy, learn to supercrop and scrog. And the stretch happens once she goes into flower and I don’t see pistols showing at the tops but it’s hard to tell from the pic you provided. You’ve got a good plant. Just love her a bit.


Hahahaha :rofl: got me there. Maybe it’s me! Haha she’s shooting out some pistils not much. Also her stems and stalk are super bendy and weak. I’ll snap a pic real quick

@Jeff420chef put a oscillating fan on her and slowly build up speed to mimic the outside wind conditions and she’ll get stronger for you. Otherwise the weight of flowers may cause her to bend and snap. Silica is used to strengthen stalks as well.


@Jeff420chef i don’t see any pistols yet.


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@Jeff420chef I agree with @Fieldofdreams she is looking fine right now, very healthy colour to her and no issues caused by light or nutes.
Only comment I have, and I don’t mean it negatively, is that you’ve tied down the lower branches but have allowed the top to grow. After I top mine and you get get 2 mains, I wait until those 2 are 4" to 6" and then bend those down, almost to horizontal. Then I bend/clip the next set to be the same height. And so on. The bottom branches may or may not need bending if the canopy is even. I think the way you’ve done it is now those lower branches may never get into the light’s sweet spot and so won’t produce quality bud (if they are a foot or so lower than the other tops).

Here’s one I’ve got going, taken May 31, after I gave her a good trim. You can see how even the canopy is.

I only bend the lower branches outwards to extend beyond the higher up branches.


Tbh those are getting chopped once she’s a bit healthier. I only have to see on for more health and they are tied down so they don’t interfere with any of the top growth. I know it sounds weird but my other plants lower growth is the tallest part of the plant. This girl stretched waaay too much for me to want to keep them

So you mentioned she was gonna get yanked and she responded by flowering like crazy! Magic touch!
Ok I know it’s a different plant. Your first posted pic shows her to be lower than the one to the left. Was that just for the photo-op? If she was farther away from the light, that might account for the stretch. I have a stretchy one in my tent, my 2 others in there are raised up on pails 8" to 10" so they are at the same height. Or were, stretchy is getting close to the lights and I can’t raise the other 2 any more or they will be too close. I’m having to spread stretchy out to the sides more to keep her from crisping at the top.
Here’s a top view of same plant I posted taken at the same time. She’s a Dutch Treat photo. I try and keep the center of the plant totally open to allow more light into the middle.

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The pot you are seeing is a seedling I have going under the same light. I have her propped up high to get some good lighting

Great stuff from @Fieldofdreams. Is that an auto or photo period? Adding silica will strengthen the stems up really nice :love_you_gesture:


It’s an auto