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Once again I’m concerned about fox tailing mainly cause I use to rock hps and temps got high now I rock LEDs and I think light intensity might now be the culprit as my temps are 75 and below at times 77 for a few hours but no more then that. Here’s the pics


I normally turn lights down the final two weeks to help mitigate foxtails, but some is simply genetic and an indicator (usually) of a fully mature plant. You can snip off the ends of them but they really don’t do much harm. You are showing a P def but this late it’s nothing you can deal with.


Really I thought my plant was just draining the reserves from the lower leaves dam

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Having a P or K def late in flower can affect yield and bulk. That’s why I mentioned it.

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You said foxtailing can be a result of the plant being fully mature you think I should harvest? Since it’s the new growth is misleading right maybe I’m past due?

Exactly what @Myfriendis410 said. You have to look at trichomes on the older buds. Foxtails just happen but usually too strong of lights

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Yea I’m going raise them above the manufacturers guidelines I was at 22 inches which was their top range guess I’ll go 28 on the next grow wasn’t expecting a led to be so strong. I chopped off a lower bud to look at triches better and the thing was hard as a rock.

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Looks good